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Where is RSKC based from?

RSKC is an Indian based non-profit organization. RSKC funds are developed in India. All the supporters, trustees, team members of RSKC are based in India.

How does RSKC generate resources?

RSKC generates the valuable resources it needs to work for its causes through-

  • Individuals
  • Institutional Donations
  • Small Events
  • Corporates

Does RSKC only work with visually impaired people?

No, RSKC envisions working for all the disabilities, but has started with the visually impaired community. But we will be very keen on expanding our horizons.

What are the other things that are done under RSKC except for trips for the disabled community?

The major aim is confidence-enhancement and social inclusion of the disabled community. In order to fulfill the same, RSKC not only organizes trips, but also-

  • Helps in community mobilisation
  • Networking
  • Skill Development
  • Connecting local nodals agencies so as to make a larger web who are determined to do good for the disabled community.

Does RSKC receive government funding?

Not yet. Since the NGO is not 3 years old, RSKC does not receive government funding yet.

Are the employees paid?

The regular employees that are working full-time in RSKC are paid regular salaries. However, the pay-scale in RSKC is modest in comparison to corporates.

Does RSKC help in CSR activities of the corporations?

Yes, from our end, we provide exposure to our sponsors for trips/events through the use of T-shirts and banners customized for every occasion. Not just this, after every trip/event, a small video is prepared from our organization for their CSR Activity Purpose.

Does the NGO charge the travelers?

Yes, a very small registration fee is charged from the travelers for every trip to ensure their commitment and loyalty. A huge amount of the trip is subsidized from the end of our parent organization which is Rising Star Tours and Travels.

Can I donate online?

Yes, online donations are cost-effective and thus you help us twice

What if I want to keep donating on a regular basis?

To keep on donating on a regular basis, you can visit the page below-

Is the procedure of online donation complicated?

  • Not at all, the procedure of online donations is not at all complicated.
  • Your bank details are and the amount that you share is also safe and secure with us.
  • You will receive an immediate confirmation of the donation you have just made via message/mail.

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