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Khilte Chehre is a mission dedicated to bringing smiles on the faces of differently-abled people by helping them explore the world through the means of traveling. With the world moving forward through the means of “Globalization”, imagine how confined is the life of those for whom ‘Diversity” is just a term and not an experience.

It was found by Mr. Amit Jain, a Delhi based entrepreneur, an ardent traveler, paving way for more accessibility and inclusivity for the differently-abled people into this world, through his experience of more than two decades in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

The idea behind this mission is simple:

When you have no disability and you find yourself traveling, you often take for granted the obstacles you encounter on the route, such as looking for the check-in desk, delays, passport control, find a taxi from the airport to the accommodation, check-in at the hotel, choosing a meal, getting on with activities and so on…

However, for differently-abled people, these basic obstacles often become extremely taunting, where they have to keep wandering into unchartered territories where the language is not the only barrier.

For so many of these issues are enough to put an end to their dreams of traveling and thereby, being deprived of exploring the fun, joy, and beauty of the world.

Through Khilte Chehre we make a humble attempt of making travel possible and accessible for differently-abled people, starting with visually impaired community, so that they can fulfill their most unfulfilled desires, experience the food, beauty, and fun around the world and have smiles on their faces even for those who either can’t afford or unable to independently travel themselves.

Travelling is just not a leisure activity, traveling is a source of experiential learning. Visiting diverse cultures and people is an extreme source of learning.

The trips that we organize are not just for the purpose of fun and excursion, but from our end, we try to make the trips as much as a source of learning that a traveler can grasp. The trips are focused ass source of-

  • Skill Development-        

On every trip that we take, we try to make sure that the travelers get to learn a new skill that will help them to be more independent and earn a better way of living for themselves. Also, by the means of various events, we are also trying to provide a platform and promote the talent in the people whose ability is generally overshadowed under the word “disability”. 

The skill set of an individual is what he/she earns throughout the span of their lifetime. There are a set of skills which are only learned via experience.

Certain skills that are learnt via experiencing with RSKC-

    • Time Management
    • Communication Skills
    • Stress Management
    • Visualization  
    • Teamwork
    • Organization and Planning
    • Adaptability
  •  Networking and Community Building.

Humans are social beings and since the time of early man, the importance of networking has been known to humanity. It has been a primary source of feeling secure for not only the human race but all living beings. When you have a strong network, you can advocate for your own rights because your needs are known best to you and to those, who are a part of your network. After networking, you start building a community, which is an important aspect of your self-esteem. Being a part of a community starts with knowing your own self. Your community and your network are important sources of feeling “Secure” and “Belongingness”. The division of work, feeling of association, togetherness, and cooperation – all these help in establishing a healthy atmosphere filled with unity, harmony and friendship.

The experiential learning-based excursions that are taken under RSKC are always in big groups of new people every time. A person when living with a bunch of strangers for a few days finds a new aspect of their own which they were unaware of.

What starts as the establishment of a network, turns into a community with the participation of all those who attained the experience of being in a network, that too ` on their own”.

Building a coomunity has led to the formation of associations of peopole with similar ideas, similar interestes and similar advocacies to protest.

  • Confidence Building and Image Formation

Confiednec can gbe describedf as a belief in oneself, that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed-and acting in a way that conveys that belief.

Low confidence makes it less likely that a person will initiate action and more likely that a person will disengage because they doubt they can handle what needs to be done. Even with skill and motivation, without confidence, goals are not likely to be met. When given a chance to improve their self-confidence, people have shown wonders in their workings.

By embracing openness to new situations and cultures, our travelers develop a new mindset to grapple with a whole heap of challenges in their personal life as well.

By the means of travel, it is a stepping stone in our attempt to improve the low self-esteem in people because they were constantly told that they are incapable of achieving their goals just because they have certain shortcomings. 




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