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Who We Are

Rising Star Khilte Chehre is a female-led non-profit organization, based in Ashok Vihar, Delhi, whose grounds are laid with only one motive, which is to make this world a more accessible place for those who do not have as many resources to explore it on their own. 


We dreamed of showing what all this world has to offer to those who can’t see the beautiful colour palette of nature, to those who cannot climb the mountains, to those who cannot reach the ocean on their own, “the differently-abled”. Our dream was turned into an effort named Rising Star Khilte Chehre(RSKC) with the love and support of her family and friends. RSKC is a platform in the whole world of its kind.


We at RSKC, very determined to reach out to every person in the corners of the world so that we can convey the importance of psychological independence to the world. 


The idea behind this mission is simple:

Our history is filled with examples where differently-abled people have achieved what their counterparts could not. Imagine with all the resources that we get to receive for our skill development, using the same resources modified to fit the need of the differently-abled, we can unleash the potential of a countless number of people and actually make this world a better place to live which is not just more accessible but also more inclusive, for everyone. Just addressing mental barriers of differently-abled people will pave ways of happiness for them, and moreover, it will open ways of acceptance for them, acceptance of not just self, but of the world too.


We have been working for the wholesome development of many sections of the society since 2015 and after receiving positive responses from people belonging to all walks of life, we finally gave our efforts a name of a trust called “Rising Star Khile Chehre” in May 2019. Since then, we have doubled our efforts and intentions to work for the upliftment and wholesome development of differently-abled people. Since then, we have dedicated our lives to change the perception of not just differently-abled people but also the second strata of society, the abled population. While working with people from all walks of life, we realized that there is a huge gap between, differently-abled people and the abled population, which will only be bridged by walking hand in hand. Through our endeavours, we have successfully reached out to 600+ Visually Impaired People, PAN India, to change their perception towards life. Not just this, in a very short span of almost a year we have managed 150+ volunteers who have attained gratitude towards life and empathy towards the rest of the people. We have received appreciation from the eminent torchbearers of the community and with all the love and support, we do not plan to reach every differently-abled person, in every corner of the world.


The ideology behind our efforts of the NGO is to proliferate the idea that one of the basic  needs is feeling content and connected to your own being for an individual, besides food and shelter, and that can only be done while you explore yourself. With the world moving forward through the means of “Globalization”, imagine how confined is the life of those for whom ‘Diversity” is just a term and not an experience. All the trustees, flag bearers and the functioning elements of the organization are females. 


Through Khilte Chehre we make a humble attempt of making travel possible and accessible for differently-abled people, starting with visually impaired community, so that they can fulfill their most unfulfilled desires, experience the food, beauty, and fun around the world and have smiles on their faces even for those who either can’t afford or unable to independently travel themselves.

Travelling is just not a leisure activity, traveling is a source of experiential learning. Visiting diverse cultures and people is an extreme source of learning.


The excursions that we organize are not just for the purpose of fun and expedition, but from our end, we try to make the trips as much as a source of learning that a traveller can grasp. We have used our knowledge and understanding and created a model to make this effort a lifetime learning opportunity for the beneficiaries.


The excursions cover all aspects of our comprehensive life skills training, which includes:

  • Techniques of Daily Living
  • Orientation & Mobility
  • Social Skills
  • Cooperation
  • Network and Community Building
  • Self-responsibility