Assisting The Visually Impaired, To See The World!

Assisting The Visually Impaired, To See The World!

With each passing day, technology is evolving and with this evolution, the aim is always to make things easier and better for humans. Years of research and studies have also been done to make the lives of the differently-abled more comfortable. After years of experimentation, certain remarkable new gadgets have been developed that can help the visually impaired and the blind to get a completely new experience of the world.

  1. WeWALK:

The most important tool that comes in handy for the blind is their foldable or extendable walking cane. This helps them understand and feel objects on the way to prevent stumbling or falling and getting themselves hurt. WeWALK can be called a smart cane. It can be connected to smartphones and access a whole range of features. One of the most striking features of WeWALK is its use of ultrasound which helps in detecting objects at about chest height and informing the person using vibrations.


  1. eSight

eSight is a new device that has the ability to enhance the vision of the blind and the ones with low vision. The main idea behind this device is that it helps to heighten the use of those parts of the eyes that are functioning so that they can compensate up to some extent for the parts that don't work. A camera mounted on the device captures everything in life video footage enhances it and presents on two high-resolution screens.


  1. Helmet for the Blind
    A simple-looking cycling helmet developed by cloud minds uses sensors and cameras to assist the visually impaired. The sensors and cameras are then used to analyze the environment and collect the data, the data is then transferred to a cloud server from where it is studied by an AI Technology. This enables the blind to safely walk on streets and roads by identifying their objects in the path.

Apart from these, there are a few more devices such as OrCam MyEye Pro, IrisVision and there are many more underworks. These technologies have been used to put smiles on thousands of visually impaired individuals. It should be our responsibility to contribute to the community and help the differently-abled however we can.

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