How can public transport be made more convenient for Differently Abled people?

How can public transport be made more convenient for Differently Abled people?

Planning a journey requires having access to information at every step along the way, knowing where to get off, knowing the waiting times at bus stops, taking corrective action in the case of disruption—using public transport. The task, of course, is much more complicated for differently-abled people, whether motor, sensory or intellectual. 


Written or Audio Materials Designed for Different Disabilities

Biological materials can be of excellent service to many transportation passengers despite the development of digital technologies. Hence it is crucial to make large-font timetables available to passengers or simple maps.

Visual and Audio Traveller Information Points

Each step in a journey has its stop be it connections, departures, and arrivals; At every stop, people need to access public transport and information. Traveler information points are illuminated signs at subway stations or bus stops and trams. These signs tell the passengers of the waiting time and any possible disruptions to a line serving the stop.

Disruption Announcements in Audio and Writing

In disruptions like strikes, breakdowns, a simple change of platform, or re-routing of lines, the passengers are generally informed over a PA system located in the vehicles or at the stop. The people who cannot hear are left noticing the change in the attitude of the passengers around them yet not knowing the reason. The situation becomes, even more, tensing for them when they soon realize there is an issue but have completely missed any proposed solution. It is therefore crucial that such information must be shown on the screens that are installed for this purpose.

SMS Alerts on Disruptions: Universal Accessibility

Disruptions to their journey and transportation can cause plenty of tension and other difficulties for disabled people. SMS cues are already available on many urban transport networks, which provide real-time information on disruptions that affect the complete network or only those lines selected beforehand by the user according to their usual routes. It should be ensured that subscription to the service does not act as a hurdle for a differently-abled person to benefit from this technology.

Visual and Audio Announcement of Next Stop

The announcement of the upcoming stop is an important chunk of information for all the passengers, all the more so if they are not familiar with the route in all public transportation. This information is generally present on an illuminated panel. But it must also be given orally. 

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