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Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership

Why Partner with RSKC ?

  • Our broad approach towards helping the disabled can help you enhance your brand and involve your employees to help us at many levels and in creative and non-conventional ways.
  • We are transparent about our expenses. We present a very clear picture of how the donations that we receive are utilized for the benefit of the disabled.
  • The management and monitoring of all the projects that are done under our name are done through various processes to refine the usage of the funds that are received.
  • The assessment of our proposals is done under the guidance of a professional who has been in the travel industry for many years to ensure the best experience.
  • We are determined to make the definitions of the term “disability” a more broadened and accepted one. Our approach reaches to the stereotypes that are deep-rooted in the mindset of the people. The world needs to be more accessible and sensitive towards those who have certain disabilities.
  • We are majorly working towards the solution of what we feel is lacking behind in society.
  • There is not just one way of being a part of our journey of Spreading Happiness. There are many ways you can help us. You can sponsor a project, you can endorse us, you can be on our advisory panel, you can be a constant source of inputs.

Adopt A Project

RSKC becomes a link between you and the project you want to curate based on your requirements. We are liable for monitoring the working of the project and we also become subject to providing constant inputs in any and every field to extract the results that are desired by you. We look after everything, technical expertise, beneficiary’s best interests, build capacity, training (when and where required) and campaigning support.

We work in diverse ways and areas thus, it extends towards varied issues and geographies and thus you can select that if you want to adopt a complete project or just a part of it; based on what is important to you and what you are looking for.

Employee Engagement

Across the globe, employee engagement is becoming one crucial indicator in measuring work satisfaction. The new generation of employees is looking forward to being engaged with their work, in ownership towards their organization they are working for and involved with their colleagues.

It has become a necessity to keep your employees not just engaged but also aligned with the work and the organization’s goals. It also helps in long-term employee retention, higher productivity, and better work quality. Engaging employees is important to retain valuable human resources.

With our CSR Programs, you can find a perfect opportunity to fulfill all your requirements when it comes to creating unique ways of engaging your employees. Engaging one organization’s employees towards a social cause and attaining higher emotional intelligence will ultimately be beneficial for the organization. 

You can reach us with your requirements and preferences and our team will be happy to become the medium you get to make your contribution to a society that is more accessible and inclusive for everyone.




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