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Why volunteer with us?


We at Rising Star Khilte Chehre Offers internships to not just college students but also to all the individuals who are willing to do their bit for the society while learning and increasing their skill-set.


Volunteering is an integral part of working with RSKC. All the work that we do and make our volunteers and interns do stems from the core belief that with privileges come responsibilities, and if each one of us pledges to fulfill our responsibilities that come with our benefits, there will not be e single soul on this planet that will feel any less privileged than the other.


Bringing a lasting impact on someone is just a matter of choice and our lives are the sum of the choices we make, the bridges we cross and the ones we end up burning. Our souls cast many shadows over many people, sometimes even after when we are gone.


Fate, luck, and providence are the consequences of our freedom of choices, not the determinants. 


We have a range of options for one o volunteer with us, catering to aa wide range of interests, skill sets and requirements. With RSKC, we try to give as much of an exposure that is required by an individual to understand the working of a non-profit organization. The most intriguing fact about working at an NGO is that the benefit is always mutual.  Our volunteers and interns are mostly students from varied academic wilds and people from all walks of life. They bring with them fresh ideas and enthusiasm with unmatchable energy. Carrying the same belief, our team is also a bunch of millennials who have dedicated their lives for the welfare of the differently-abled people.


With RSKC, you will not only be doing good, but you are also getting a chance to experience a to live the life in a perspective that is beyond your horizon, and that too while traveling.

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