How do visually impaired people choose their clothes?

How do visually impaired people choose their clothes?

Do you know what is one of my most favourite things to do in my leisure time? It's shopping. I love to shop for antique items, books, stationery supplies and clothes!!! I love to buy clothes, especially online. We all love to buy clothes, right??? But, have you ever wondered how visually impaired people choose their clothes? How do they decide which cloth to select and which one to reject?

Well, I was very curious to know about this. So, I searched about it on the web and got some interesting information. I learned that visually impaired people mostly take a trusted people with them while they go shopping. Blind people who are shopping for clothes, sometimes also try to get assistance from a sales clerk to help them in finding the clothing that looks good on them and that matches their personality. However, over time, many visually impaired people get an idea about the shape and style of clothes that suit them. Also, the fashion companies which are conscious of blind people put special efforts into ensuring that their outfits match.

Also, many clothing brands out there have already started using tags with braille labels on their cloth hangers. These hangers contain a description of the clothes such as their patterns and colours. There are many gadgets available nowadays in the market that are made for helping blind people in their everyday chores such as choosing clothes. For example, there is a gadget called a colour detector. It is a talking gadget which when pressed against a dress or piece of clothing, announces its colour. It is found that the colour detector is not a hundred per cent accurate but is helpful when sorting laundry and distinguishing between similar items.

Blind people have many other systems and devices to keep track of their clothing. Some fashion brands have started to adopt different changes in their clothing styles to make it easier for blind people to choose their clothes. For example, some have started to sew different shaped buttons on the labels to denote colours. Some companies cut the label in different ways. Some companies favour the Pen Friend. A pen friend is a barcode reader with labels that are loaded with information about clothing such as the design of clothing, colour and washing instructions.

 Similarly, there are many other clothing technologies that fashion companies are adopting to make shopping handy for the visually impaired. It feels good to know that the company these days are becoming more conscious about the fashion sense of specially-abled people. They are even making changes in their fashion and modifying the designs of their tags, labels and are even modifying the interior of their shopping stores to make shopping easy and convenient for specially-abled people. I am looking forward to the days where with the help of more advanced technologies, the companies are going to make the shopping convenient for the specially-abled and help them to make their life much easier. 

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