A glimmer of hope in a lifetime of sightlessness

A glimmer of hope in a lifetime of sightlessness

Recall the last time you went on a trip. The sheer sense of excitement that crept up your spine when someone among your friends/family made even the slightest hint of the possibility that you will soon be having the time of your life! And then begins a phase in which everything is done in a sense of heightened excitement.

The thrill of seeing an ancient monument or a picturesque location you hadn’t visited before. You bring back with you, not just souvenirs, but memories that will last a lifetime. Now imagine how the above scenario would be different for visually impaired people?
Navigating an airport, from the entrance to the check-in to the security checks, and finally to the boarding gate, is somewhat of an arduous task for the average person, more so if he/she is not a frequent traveler. Imagine the plight of your visually impaired peers.
And note that this is just the beginning of the trip!.

Simple day-to-day tasks, which we all take for granted, may be daunting obstacles for those without the gift of sight. This is why we must strive to ensure that these obstacles do not stand in the way of our differently-abled friends from experiencing the joy and beauty that lies in the world we live in. Traveling and exploring the world remains one of the most unfulfilled desires of any disabled person.


This is where ‘Rising Stars Khilte Chehre’ steps in. They aim to ensure that a visually impaired person’s long-standing dream of traveling no longer remains just a dream.

In addition to this, each trip also serves as a learning opportunity that will stay with them all their lives. Activities related to networking, confidence building, and skill development are undertaken as part of each excursion, ensuring that each participant goes home with not just with a mind full of happy memories and a bag full of souvenirs, but also with positive changes to their skill set. This plays a large role in making their abilities overshadow their disability!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” -Helen Keller

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