01 April 2020

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Travelling Is Not Just Leisure

Travelling Is Not Just Leisure

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page”

Nowadays, travelling is not just seen as a leisure activity, rather it has become a major part of mind re-creation. People suffering from depression, stress or other personal or work-related problems are always advised to travel to freshen up their minds.

The stereotypical outlook towards travelling is changing day by day in everybody’s minds. Let’s look at some points or advantages of travelling other than a source of leisure:


Travelling helps a lot in developing one’s social and communication skills.When we travel to other countries or even states, we always come through different languages, cultures, traditions, this not only helps us to know their culture but also boosts our social and communication skills.
There is always something new to learn while travelling , different people teach us different values and also it’s always exciting to meet new people and get to know them.


Travelling helps to get our original thoughts. For eg., Many a time, an author or a content writer always travels somewhere alone to get his/her own ideas for their future projects. Also, it broadens one’s horizons of thinking and their perspective towards a particular thing. Many writers believe that their solo trips have given them many creative ideas and outlooks.


Being in a place where one does not know anything about is always a strange yet good feeling. One develops the ability to cope up with obstacles and thus, helps to gain confidence and presence of mind. Talking to strangers can be weird but at the end of the day, it only boosts our confidence and helps to gain expertise on human behavior


Besides having fun, traveling helps one to create memories for a lifetime , as we talk to different individuals, try different food, see new places, experience different cultures, as it only adds to our memory bag.


While traveling, you might find yourself stuck in situations that you do not deal with in daily life. This helps you understand yourself better in many ways. It is always said that if you are not able to take any decision regarding your life, go somewhere fresh and observe things around you, it gives the answer to many of the questions.


From cutting down stress to lowering your chances of heart disease, the health benefits of traveling are huge, it reduces anxiety and depression too.
It helps you feel better, both physically and psychologically, so travel and improve your mental well being.


When one travels and gain various social, communication, interactive skills, he/she becomes smarter one way or the other. One can learn new languages and can enhance his/her knowledge, also one becomes familiar with the travel jargon.keeping in mind all these benefits of travelling other than just a leisure activity, so, get up, pack your bags and travel to gain some knowledge and some fruitful experiences☺

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